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Detectable Warnings / TWSI’s

No cracking, no peeling, no seams, (no caulking!) NO KIDDING!

Installed by Licensed VANGUARD Installers


of Every Angle & Curve


Bonds with the Underlying Surface


Superior Adhesion &
Maintains Skid-Resistance


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What makes VANGUARD Detectable Warnings / TWSI’s the better choice?

  • Superior visibility
  • Better adhesion
  • Costs less to install
  • No maintenance cost
  • Maintains original skid resistance
  • Non Skid (not “slip resistant“)
  • Multiple colors available /wp-content/uploads/2014/11/colors-available2.jpg
  • Approved installers nationwide
  • Zero clearance , no “trip hazards” (no seams!)
  • Liquid applied, follows every contour
  • Perfect for new construction or retrofit
  • 5 year replacement warranty

Vanguard Detectable Warnings / TWSI’s

Installed by Licensed VANGUARD Installers


The advantages to using the VANGUARD system are clear

The surface may fail, but VANGUARD products won't!

The surface may fail,
but VANGUARD products won’t!

But probably the most important is: VANGUARD Detectable Warnings / TWSI’s are liquid applied. Vanguard Products will not fail over time This allows them to not only follow the existing contours of your applied surface, but more importantly, as opposed to all other systems, VANGUARD products will continue to follow the contours of the surface as it changes over time. Because VANGUARD products are installed in liquid form, on your surface, VANGUARD “becomes one” with the surface.

What this means to you, the owner is: no more replacing tiles due to freeze/thaw heave, no more trip hazards from edges curling, and because VANGUARD products literally attach to every single micron of your surface, there’s no way water can get underneath allowing moisture to degrade the structural surface below. No more failure!!


Vanguard colors

Need Colors? We got them right here!

Now you can have ADA required visual contrast while emphasizing the aesthetics of your project with VANGUARD’S color options.

  • Blue
  • Yellow = Guaranteed Federal Color Standards 33538
  • Red
  • Black
  • White


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